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Senior Citizens

Price starting at $45.95

  • Pension Splitting
  • T.F.S.A. Planning
  • O.A.S. Filing
  • C.P.P. Inquiries
  • Contacting the C.R.A. on Your Behalf

At The Tax Depot our experts put pride in helping seniors file their taxes simply and easily. Whether you are new or experienced with filing your taxes as a senior, let our experts help you along the way with pension splitting, T.F.S.A. Planning, Old Age Security filing, Canada Pension Plan inquiries, or talking to the C.R.A. on your behalf.

We provide our services either through booked appointments with one of our professionals, drop-in appointments, as well as our Drop Off And Go option. Click here to learn more!

Ready to File? Double check you have all the documents required with our Printable Checklist.